Investment Management:

Alignment of Interest, Independence, Objectivity.

GreyCliff Advisory Group, LLC is primarily engaged in the practice of money management, retirement planning, personal financial planning, insurance needs analysis and implementation. We are dedicated to wealth preservation and growth. We seek rates of return commensurate with client risk level, and present ideas in accordance with client goals. Our approach is holistic and begins with “Know Your Client”. We gather information, ask questions and challenge those involved, to express their needs and capabilities both for today and for the future. Our recommendations are realistic and achievable because they are based on facts.

Our team believes in transparency of both fees and the investment process. Our success is aligned with our clients’ success and we work with a large universe of providers so that the final choice is always in the best interest of the client. Our first priority is helping our clients achieve their financial goals. When creating portfolios, we use objective research in securities selection, taking into account many sources of data and perspectives.

“You may delay, but time will not.” -Benjamin Franklin

Our experienced team actively manages investments to take advantage of opportunities as financial markets and economic trends develop. Our investment strategies are focused on equities, fixed income opportunities and alternative investments ranging from non-traded real estate investment trusts to Business Development Corporations, Hedge Funds and a variety of Insurance and Investment related options.

We utilize alternative investments as a method of offsetting portfolio volatility while providing superior income opportunities and capital gain potential and seek to align our investment solutions to the ever-changing marketplace and our clients' investment objectives.

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