Life, Health Disability, and Long Term Care

While offering a Full lineup of personal and business protection options, our strength lies in our deep understanding of the Life Insurance Marketplace. Business continuity insurance is an example of products offered to serve both the personal protection and estate planning market. Second to Die Policies and Business Succession Policies as well as a variety of estate and family protection alternatives go hand in hand.

We maintain appointments with many of the leaders in the insurance marketplace. Unlike much of our competition, who are confined to, or strongly encouraged to promote a specific company, our product choices are unlimited.

In recent years the Variable Annuity has seen a rebirth as a cornerstone of many insurance/investment portfolios. Providing guaranteed growth and safeguards against market volatility, the annuity industry is seeing a large uptick in sales. For many years we have maintained relationships with the leaders in the insurance marketplace to serve our client's needs.

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